Crib bells are a secret weapon for growing babies

Uses and benefits of crib bells
A crib bell, also known as a crib mobile, is a toy that hangs over a crib and usually contains objects of various colors and shapes, as well as a bell that makes a sound. These toys can be blown by the wind or rotate through mechanical devices to provide visual and auditory stimulation for babies.

1. Visual development
Crib bells come in a variety of colors and shapes to attract your baby's attention and help them focus on and track moving objects. Not only does this aid your baby's visual development, but it also helps them develop depth perception. A gently rocking crib bell can also have a calming effect as your baby settles in bed or wakes up from sleep.

2. Auditory stimulation
The bell on the crib bell can make sounds and provide auditory stimulation for your baby. This kind of stimulation can help babies develop their hearing and musical sense, and it can also arouse their curiosity and make them interested in the world around them.

3. Self-soothe
A crib bell can help your baby soothe himself. A gently rocking crib bell can help calm your baby as they settle into bed or wake up from sleep. The sound and movement of a crib bell can attract your baby's attention and give them something to do while they're awake, thereby reducing their anxiety and restlessness.

4. No batteries required
Many crib bells are manually operated and do not require batteries. This means you can rest easy knowing that this toy is always entertaining your child without suddenly stopping because the battery is drained.

A crib bell is a very practical baby product that not only helps your baby's visual and auditory development, but also helps them self-soothe and gives them something to do while they're awake. If you're looking for a simple, battery-free crib bell, this product could be a great option.